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Victory Ball FAQs

Thank you so much for your interest in the attending the Victory Ball!   If your question isn't answered below, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at info@varegency.org and get an answer directly.

Do I have to be a member of the Regency Society of Virginia in order to attend?

No.  The ball is open to both members and non-members.  (However, members do get a discount on their ball tickets.  Plus, your membership would be good for a year and allow you discounts at other RSV events--and preferred vendors!--throughout the year!  To find out more about becoming an RSV member or to join immediately, visit our Join Us page.)

I'm a member of the Regency Society of Virginia and when I try to buy my ticket, the discounted ticket price is not an option.  How do I get my discount?

The membership discount will only become available if you are an active member and logged in so check to make certain that you have logged in.  To log in, click on the icon (blue square with a white silhouette) in the upper left corner of the webpage and enter your e-mail and password.  Once logged in, the silhouette will be blue and clicking on it will show a menu with your name and various options (such as "View profile" and "Log Out").  Visiting the Events page while you are logged in will activate available member discounts as well as auto-fill certain elements of the registration form.  If you are still having issues, e-mail us at info@varegency.org so that we can help you resolve them.

What dances will you be doing?

We develop a new program for each Victory Ball although there are generally some RSV favorites that remain consistent from year to year.  Downloadable dance instructions will be posted on the Victory Ball main page when announced for the current year's ball.

I don't have any/much experience doing Regency dances.  Will I be able to participate?

Yes!  We understand that we will have people with a wide range of experience levels at our event and our object is to make certain that those who wish to dance will have many opportunities regardless of how long they've been dancing.  If you have never done English Country Dancing before, we do recommend that you look for a local ECD group in your area prior to the event so that you can become more comfortable with the figures.  (There are links to several Virginia groups on our Links/Resources page.)  We also hold a "crash course" practice session on the day of the ball to allow you to familiarize yourself with some of the dances that will be done that evening.  This practice session is included in the cost of your ball ticket, so there is no additional charge to attend.  Check the main Victory Ball page for more information on this year's time and location for the practice session.  And don't worry about memorizing the dances!  Our excellent dancing master will be on hand to call each of the figures out so that you will know what step comes next.

Is period clothing required?

No.  While we certainly encourage folks to get into the spirit and wear early 19th century attire, we do not require it.  If you prefer to wear modern clothing, we simply ask that you respect the formality of the occasion and wear appropriate evening wear.  (Dresses for the ladies, suits and ties for the gentlemen.)

Where can I get the clothes if I choose to wear period attire?

Be sure to look at our Links/Resources page for sources for appropriate patterns, fabrics, or ready- and custom-made garments.  Members can post requests to borrow garments in the Member Chatter section of the website (you must be logged in to access the forum).  Non-members can do the same in the Victory Ball event listing on our Facebook page.

Is it okay to come by myself or do I need to have a partner?

You are very welcome to come without a partner in tow...mainly because you won't need one!  By its very nature, English Country Dancing is social and we encourage our attendees to switch partners throughout the ball in keeping with the customs of the time.  We promise that there will be more than enough people available and willing to "stand up" with you.  (New to the group?  Never fear!  Look for the ladies wearing "Hostess" ribbons.  Any one of them will be happy to introduce you to someone willing to dance so you need not ask someone you've not made the acquaintance of to join you on the floor!)

Are children welcome?

We have been delighted to have children of a wide range of ages attend this event in the past.   All attendees, regardless of age, are required to purchase a ticket.  The children who get the most out of the experience are those who know left from right, are able to follow instructions, and are able to behave appropriately in public.   We simply ask that parents use discretion in determining whether or not their children are mature enough to participate.

I don't plan to dance.  Is there a discount for just watching?

As we have no way to enforce who dances and who does not, we are unable to offer a discounted ticket for any reason.  (And should you care do to something other than simply watch as others dance, we will have period games available for the company's amusement.)

Will dinner be served at the ball?

While a formal dinner will not be served, we will offer heavy hors d'oeuvres during the event.  Water and coffee are also included in your ticket price.  A cash bar will be available for those wishing to partake of adult beverages or other soft drinks.  (If you plan on drinking, don't forget to bring a valid picture ID!)

We're coming in from out of town. Do you have any lodging available?

We typically reserve a block of rooms at a hotel close to the venue at a discounted group rate for our guests.  Room block information will be available closer to the date of the ball.

Is there any way that I can share information about the Ball with others?

The more, the merrier, so please do let those you believe would enjoy the evening know about the event!   For those who attend organizations that meet on a regular basis, such as English Country Dance and JASNA groups, you may download and print one of our informational flyers (available in the months prior to the ball).  For those who just want to get the word out through social media or other digital means, please be sure to share the URL to the Victory Ball main page (www.varegency.org/victoryball) and our event listing on our Facebook page.


Didn't see an answer to your question?  Feel free to contact us at info@varegency.org.

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